Fees and Insurance


My goal is to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. For some patients that is their only goal. For other patients, especially those with more chronic conditions, the process of rehabilitating the underlying cause of their pain will take longer. Whatever your goal, my intention is to limit your number of visits to as few as is necessary.


Initial visit - $130

Due to the comprehensive nature of our exam and evaluation, your initial visit will last at least one hour.

Subsequent visits - $65

Ongoing visits last approximately 30-40 minutes.


Health insurance plans limit payments to very brief office visits and do not support the level of care that I offer to my patients. For this reason, I do not participate in any health insurance plans. However, by taking more time during an office visit and by prescribing specific corrective home exercises, I find that the course of treatment in my office requires significantly less time than that of more traditional chiropractic care. The more you can do on your own at home, the less we have to do in the office. At the end of treatment, most patients end up spending less money as compared to what they would pay in copays at a traditional chiropractic office where they take insurance assignment but see patients more frequently.

I will however be happy to process the necessary paperwork for you, and to submit to your insurance company on your behalf. If you have coverage, you will be reimbursed directly from your insurance company.  

We accept payment in cash, check and credit card.


We do accept Medicare as partial payment. Copayment for the initial visit is $110, and copayment for subsequent visits is $45.


We do accept no-fault insurance as full payment.