Dr. Russell Charno

Functional Movement Assessment

Part of your exam and ongoing care will include a careful assessment and monitoring of your movement patterns.

Over time physical stressors such as injuries, repetitive motions, habits, and postures we assume doing things like computer work or playing musical instruments can alter your normal movement patterns and lead to pain and dysfunction.

For this reason your exam will include a detailed assessment of your movement patterns, biomechanics and muscle activity coordination.

Frequently these areas of dysfunction are not located at the site of pain. Examples are faulty biomechanics in the foot or hip that can cause lower back pain, or limited mobility of the mid back that can cause neck pain and headaches. Without uncovering these faulty biomechanics relief from pain is frequently only temporary.

Results of these movement assessments will help us focus your treatment on the right areas of your body and also help us develop a home rehabilitation program that will support your care and recovery.

Functional Movement Assessment