Were All Athletes

Were All Athletes

Being an elite athlete requires certain skills – strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, and motor control.

Maybe not at that same level, but we all need those skills to do our thing in the world. We all require some degree of those traits to work at our jobs, to garden, to pick up grandchildren, or to walk up and down the stairs a few times.

When we’re in pain, especially chronic pain, there is usually some kind of deficit in one or more of those traits. Just like an athlete needs to train to stay at the top of their game, working on your strength, balance, flexibility, endurance and motor control is usually the smartest way to get to the root cause of your pain.

Movement can be medicine. Although I frequently use different applications for a high-level athlete I use these principles to treat all my patients. We’re all athletes, we just play different games.

They love taking bike rides together