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25 June 2019

Using Ice and Heat

Are you confused about how to use ice or heat to help you heal back or neck pain?

30 August 2018

Build a Strong Back with the Curl Up Exercise

Do you want to build a strong core? Check out the curl-up exercise.

16 August 2018

Get Back at Your Computer

Is computer work a pain in your neck? Check out this easy exercise to help you combat the negative effects of sitting at your computer all day.

18 June 2018

Dont Let Your Genes Get You Down

Do you know that you have the capacity to change your genetic fate? Dr. Charno will show you how. Read this blog post for more information.

20 December 2017

Interval Training

Have you wanted to begin exercising again? Dr. Charno's Interval Training ideas & tips can be just what you are looking for. Read this blog post for more...